Solo Travel 101

Solo Travel
Every course needs a 101 section, and traveling is no different! Take time to peruse the basics so you can vacation like a solo travel pro!

2009 Last Minute Travel Gifts star
It's the week of Christmas! What better time to talk about my favorite last minute travel gifts than now.

3 Tips for Starting Conversations star
Traveling solo doesn't have to mean that you're alone - far from it, in fact - it's just your choice. Even if the thought of eating alone, walking alone, sightseeing alone or being the sole entertainment makes you cringe, here are some tips to make the journey less isolated,

5 Reasons Not to Travel Solo star
Solo Travel can be a refreshing break - or the most stressful experience of your life, if you're not used to going it alone. Ask yourself five quick questions before booking your first solo trip.

5 Tips - What to Wear in Hot Climates star
When you're an intrepid solo traveler, one thing that you always need to be mindful of is the weather. We all know to take our winter gear when it's winter, but what do you pack when you're headed south in the summer?

5 Tips for New Solo Travelers star
When a new traveler hits the road with an intrepid soloist, she learns a few things!

5 Tips for Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip star
Everyone dreams of hitting the open road for a new destination to an unknown location. While that approach can produce good results, there are still things to consider about your adventure. Here are 5 tips about planning a cross-country trip.

5 Tips for seeing New Towns star
Few travelers are comfortable using serendipity as their compass, especially traveling solo. However, leaving a few things up to fate can make your vacation an enjoyable respite from your day-to-day life. Try it.

5 Tips for Staying Awake on Road Trips star
If you've never taken a solo, long-distance road trip, pick a destination and put it in your Travel Box, and make a plan for the most important part of the drive - staying awake.

5 Tips to Keep Track of Your Luggage star
When you travel the world by plane, there are some simple and often overlooked tips for ensuring you AND your bags all get back together - even if the word following that needs to be "eventually."

6 Quick Tips for New Solo Travelers star
I'm probably in the minority, but I prefer to book solo travel excursions on my own, sans tour guide and plans. If you're wanting to flip a coin and hit the road, here are some tips to make that adventurous trip easy on you.

Build the Perfect Solo Travel Vacation star
Answer these top five travel destination questions, do a little research, and find your perfect solo travel destination!

Choose to Travel Solo for You star
Setting aside a special vacation just for you doesn´t HAVE to be reserved just for singles. Here are some ideas for taking your own solo travel vacation, even if you´ve never done so before.

Creating Useful Directions for Solo Travel star
There are a slew of useful internet mapping sites that make your life easier in getting directions from point A to point B (like airport to hotel), but a little extra work can make your driving easier - and safer.

Ditch the Excuses for Not Taking a Vacay and Go star
Spring has sprung, which means summer's just around the corner - but it also means 1/4 of the year is already gone. Have you booked your Solo Travel trip yet? Ditch the excuses - it's time.

Driving Solo in New Cities star
When you´re in a new city, new things catch your eye at every turn! Make sure your safe driving isn´t compromised. Remember to keep your eyes at pedestrian level and stay sharp.

Find the Best Vacation Deal Using Twitter star
Everyone is always on the lookout for THE cheapest flight, ticket, hotel, etc. It's made discounters very popular, especially when summer is on the horizon. How can you be sure you're getting the best deal? Here's a hint - by the time you get the email, it's old news. Read on.

Find Your Plane Ride Zen star
One of the questions I get most being a solo traveler is "don't you get tired of flying?" Not when I can find my plane zen. Read on.

Know the TSA Holiday Travel Rules star
The Transportation Security Administration has gotten a lot of press this week about it's "enhanced" pat down procedures and security screening. Is it worth getting your knickers in a twist? Read on

Mix Business and Vacation star
Everyone thinks about vacation as a way to unwind and escape from the day to day stress of work, but you can have a so-called "working vacation" and make it work for you.

Packing for Solo Business Travel Day Trips star
Packing for a day trip on Business isn't just the same as going to the office. Take your time to plan, be prepared, and you'll have a smoother trip!

Practicing Good Airplane Etiquette star
Flying on an airplane rarely offers the luxury of having your own bubble of space. More often than not, you're sitting closer to someone than most of us would choose to. Are there personal space rules? Just the legal ones. Are there etiquette considerations to follow? Absolutely.

Prep Your Family for Your On-The-Road Rules star
When the intrepid solo traveler has to travel with another person, there are new rules that need to be created.

Quelling Solo Travel Anxiety star
Don't skip the solo trip just because the thought of going alone makes you nervous. If you have anxiety about traveling, there are a few environmental things you can do to quell your shaky nerves.

Safe and Healthy Travels this Holiday Week star
It's the holiday week! Travel troubles are sure to abound. Take these tips for a safe and healthy travel week!

Security on the Solo Trip star
When you’re traveling to new places alone, whether for business or pleasure, security and safety are keys to enjoying your trip. With a little effort prior to leaving, you can be totally prepared for any emergency that might arise.

Shoes to Wear for Air Travel star
The best way to start out any trip is with a solid foundation - so look no further than your feet! Wearing the right shoes for your airport traveling experiences can make all the difference in the world.

Social Media Safety on the Road star
When you travel, do you tweet and update your Facebook status? Check in with FourSquare or Gowalla? Tell the world where you are and when you're not at home? As tempting as it is to share our adventures with the world, think before you post.

Solo Travel & Hotel Safety - know what to do star
Being safe is all about prevention. Here are some quick room safety tips to keep you from being a victim of attack.

Solo Travel - Family Emergencies star
We always think of solo travel in terms of getting away - but sometimes it's required when we need to get to a loved one. Be prepared when you have to travel solo for family emergencies.

Solo Travel - Finding Parking star
When you're traveling solo in new places, it's the little things - like finding parking - that can make your whole day.

Solo Travel - Hotel Room Safety star
When you travel solo, hotel room safety should never be taken for granted. Follow these tips to ensure you stay safe on the road.

Solo Travel - Interstate Safety star
Driving solo is something that millions of people do every day for every possible reason. When you're making the long haul, it's not just about your own safety, but also those you're sharing the road with.

Solo Travel - Packing for Cold star
Hitting the road for a solo trip to a fall paradise or winter wonderland? Anyone can tell you to pack a good coat, scarf, mittens, and sweaters... When you're traveling solo, be prepared for a cooler climate with these tips.

Solo Travel - Winter Home Preparation star
When you leave home during the wintertime, it's important to remember a few key facts to ensure you're coming home to the home you left. Winterize your home and travel with peace of mind.

Solo Travel Close to Home star
If the thought of traveling alone leaves you a little weak in the knees, start small and stay local! Your home-away-from-home may very well be closer than you think.

Solo Travel Soundtracks for Flights & Overnight star
Keeping your favorite tunes close at hand when you're traveling can make all the difference in your trip attitude!

Solo Travel Summer Home Preparation star
When you hit the road this summer, don't forget about protecting what you're leaving behind! A little preparation can help you come back from your solo travel adventure to your home haven.

Solo Winter Travel Tips star
At any point in time, your travels may take you into snowy territory. Here are some tips to help prepare you for winter travel on the road.

Ten Tips for Your Solo Road Trip star
Have you always wanted to venture out on your own cross-country adventure, but aren´t sure where to start? Here are ten travel tips that will make your road trip prep a breeze.

Traveler Self Defense star
While there are lots of smart moves that can keep you safe, nothing will keep you safer than knowing how to defend yourself. Use everything you have to help keep yourself safe as you travel.

What do to if You Get Lost when Traveling Solo star
When traveling solo, you don't have the luxury of looking to the seat next to you and saying "well, do you know where we are?" for an answer. Here's what to do - and what not to do - when you're lost and on your own.

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