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Please make sure you have read and understood the Main Submission Guidelines and the Fiction Submission Guidelines before submitting information via this form.

We are currently accepting submissions for the Spring Equinox 2019 issue.
Deadline for the Spring Equinox 2019 Issue is February 13, 2019.

  • For best readability, make sure you save your work as TEXT before cutting and pasting it into the below form. That way all of your punctuation and spacing remains the way you wanted it to.

  • Titles are typically upper and lower case without quotes. Please note if you choose deliberately to make your title all upper-case, or to have quotes around the title, that's how we will run it in Mused. Take a look through our Winter 2008 Issue to see an example of each situation.

  • Please use a full blank line between paragraphs. Tabs / indents do not appear in HTML. Make sure there is an actual full space between your paragraphs in the above box.

  • Do not put your name, title or identifying information into the Submission Text input box. We need to evaluate your submission anonymously. Your name will only be visible to reviewers after they vote.

  • For security reasons the Submission Text input box does not accept HTML or special characters. If you have any notes about formatting, for example words you would like to italicize, please put those notes at the very bottom of your submission.

  • Overall, you can submit up to 3 entries in this category per issue. Each entry needs to go in on its own form.

  • Only submit a single work in the box below. One work per entry.

  • Poems: The poem needs to be less than 40 lines. Longer works should be submitted as fiction or non-fiction.

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction: Please ensure your submission fits within our 5,000 word limit.

  • Plays: Please ensure your submission fits within our 15,000 word limit.

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