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Welcome to the Sandwiches Site. My name is Connie Mistler Davidson, and I am thrilled that BellaOnline let me have the opportunity to be your personal Sandwiches Editor. I have been cooking for more than 50 years. During that time, I have cooked for family, friends, youth groups, Boy Scouts, group homes, and students in my classes at schools. While I enjoy using recipes, my delight is in creating new and delicious foods using wholesome ingredients. Cooking is a passion for me, and so is writing! This site allows me to do both. I also enjoy writing the Attention Deficit Disorder Site and the Reading Site for BellaOnline.

I am a sandwich queen! Sandwiches are part of my daily diet. Often, I have one for breakfast as part of my grab-and-go lifestyle. Lunch may also be a sandwich. So, I know how to get variety in my sandwiches. From tofu to cheese, meatloaf to chicken salad wrap, and marinated roasted vegetables on baguette to vegetables in a rice wrapper, this woman knows and love sandwiches!

My goal for the Sandwiches Site is to help you make interesting and nutritious sandwiches that suit your lifestyle and help you make your life easier. We will take the sandwich meal beyond a sandwich, chips, an apple and a cookie! This site offers information about various types of sandwiches, their ingredients, soups, side dishes, and sandwich presentations. We have techniques and recipes for making sandwiches to grace any occasion. Many recipes use commonly found ingredients and are quick and easy to make.

I am a recently-retired teacher. In preparation for retirement, I took a job at Costco. It was an hourly, part-time job that I love. After three years, I left to concentrate on my writing. In past years, combing the aisles of Costco was an activity that helped me get ideas for sandwiches and product review articles. It´s not a secret that I love Costco! That being said, when I recommend products, I just tell you about the ones that I use. Costco and other stores and manufacturers don´t pay me to endorse their products. I have had offers of products from some companies, but I have always refused the offers. When I tell you that something is good, it is my honest, unpaid opinion.

Saturday is be my day to post new articles, but I have been known to post them on other days. Let me know which you find most useful. Please feel free to ask questions in the forum. If you want to know something about a particular sandwich, just post your question. You may also e-mail me a question that you might not feel comfortable posting on the forum. You are invited to be an active part of this website! Don㦙 be shy about signing up for our weekly newsletter. It gives you more information about upcoming articles. The newsletter also provides you with clickable links to the latest articles.

Sharing my excitement about creating delicious sandwiches that satisfy the palates of my readers and their families is important to me. A sandwich doesn´t have to be a ho-hum meal. It can be a celebration of taste!

Until we meet again,

Frequently Asked Sandwich Questions

Q. What ingredients may be used in sandwiches?

A. Any tasty ingredient may be creatively used in a sandwich. Of course, there are some that I might prefer that you don㦙 like. That𠏋 a matter of personal taste.

Q. What is the best bread to use for sandwiches?

A. Your favorite bread is always a good choice! However, it must be able to stand up to the filling that you use.

Q. How do I make a good grilled sandwich using a salad-type filling (egg salad, ham salad, tuna salad), so that the filling doesn㦙 get warm and the grilled bread is crunchy instead of soggy?

A. When making a grilled salad sandwich, grill slices of your favorite bread before adding the filling. I like to grill my bread in some extra virgin olive oil. If fat is a concern, spray the bread with non-stick cooking spray. After the bread is grilled to your preferred brown color, take the bread slices from the pan and lay them ungrilled side down on a plate. This helps the bread keep its crunch. When the bread is cooled, top it with the salad and add the second piece of grilled bread to close the sandwich. To make a fancier version of these sandwiches, thinly slice cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and shred some lettuce. Layer the vegetables on the bottom slice of bread. Top with the salad, and add the second slice of bread. Serve it whole, or cut into halves. I like mine sliced into triangles, while my husband prefers the rectangles. However you slice it, eating a grilled salad sandwich is usually less messy if it is cut in half!

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