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MMORPGs are online massively multi player role playing games.

What is a MMORPG? star
As more and more MMORPGs come on line, trace their roots from the origins in DuneMUSH to Ultima Online and eventually EverQuest and Earth & Beyond.

A Comparison of MMORPGs star
Massively multi-player online role playing games have come a long way since their roots in Gemstone III and DuneMUSH. Learn more about the games on the market today and how they are different from each other.

Anarchy Online MMORPG Review star
Anarchy Online came out after the trilogy of Ultima Online / EverQuest / Asheron´s Call. It learned from many of their mistakes and right out of the gate presented a fun, immersive world.

Asheron's Call : Dark Majesty star
There are many, many people out there who love on line role playing games. From the early days of text MUSHes to the current amazing graphics, role playing with hundreds to thousands of other users has a built in attraction.

Asheron´s Call 2: Fallen Kings star
Our entire household plays Asheron´s Call, and beta tested Asheron´s Call 2. Now that the full version is out, read what we think.

DuneMUSH - An RPG of Dune star
Not that long ago, dedicated role players build the world of Frank Herbert´s Dune without graphics or sound - just using the written word.

Earth and Beyond Review star
Earth & Beyond is an on line role playing game that involves space exploration, ship building and character development.

EverQuest: The Planes of Power star
EverQuest is THE most popular on line RPG, with thousands of addicted users. With Planes of Power, the world becomes even more immersive and fun.

FFXI News and Information star
What is Final Fantasy XI? When will it be released? Will it involve the characters from FFX? Read here to find out!

Final Fantasy XI - Chains of Promathia star
Final Fantasy XI is a hugely popular online role playing game. The Chains of Promathia expansion is an area expansion - giving new items, monsters and land to explore.

Final Fantasy XI Online star
Final Fantasy XI Online is finally out, and millions of Final Fantasy fans are enjoying the fun world of chocobos and airships in an online MMORPG.

Free Planetside MMORPG Download star
Do you like on line RPGs? How about one that is actually a massive first person shooter? Best of all, you can test out this new one for FREE!

Guild Wars MMORPG star
Guild Wars is a cool online MMORPG that you don´t have to pay a monthly fee for! Once you buy it, you can play for eternity with no other costs. The graphics are gorgeous!

Lord of the Rings Online star
Pretty much every fantasy computer game that exists owes at least some of its content to the famous Lord of the Rings series by JRR Tolkein. It's no surprise that there is finally an online MMORPG based in this world.

Planetside MMORPG star
Planetside has gone live, and its three-faction setup helps ensure that there´s always a battle going on, and something to do!

Ragnarok MMORPG star
Here are screenshots and full details on the Ragnarok MMORPG.

Room Descriptions from DuneMUSH star
DuneMUSH was a text only role playing environment based on the world of Dune. Here are some room descriptions that you might have seen if you wandered around in this environment.

Star Wars Galaxies : An Empire Divided star
Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided was the game that wowed E3 participants and has been a much-waited-for release. A MMORPG about Star Wars? How more perfect than that could you get?

The Sims Online star
The last MMORPG released in 2002 was The Sims Online, a merging of two incredibly popular game types. How well did they do?

Ultima Online Renaissance: A game for all ages star
I´m a role player from way back. I grew up playing D&D, and when text-based MUSH and MUDs came out, I was there. I lived on DuneMUSH for quite a while, playing 24 hours a day when I could.

Vindictus - PC star
A free-to-play fantasy game, Vindictus stands out from other online games by being heavily based on swordplay and action gameplay.

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