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This section covers a pot-pourrie of subjects for gardening - interesting comments and discussions on all sorts of subjects ... so muse along with us as we explore all the gardening themes available.

Rose Colour Choices star
No container garden is complete without at least one rose, any style, any colour and any pot. Fragrance? Style and Elegance? Versatility? Celebration? Once you have the basics in place these beautiful plants will give you much pleasure. What colour rose should you choose?

Beneficial Insects star[offsite link]
Photos and descriptions of insects that are helpful to your garden.

Common Garden Insect Pests star[offsite link]
A link to an on-line organic garden supply shop with excellent photos and descriptions of common insect pests. If you click on the underlined insect name a detailed description of the bug and how to eradicate it is displayed. Very helpful!

Common Plant Diseases star[offsite link]
Link to an on-line organic gardening supply company. They have excellent photos of many deseases on a wide variety of plants, with tips on how to avoid or erradicate them.

Container Gardening Quiz star
Test your knowledge of container gardening by taking this online quiz.

Creating Calm star
Believe it or not but anxiety, and not obesity, is becoming the world’s number one health issue. Much has been written on stress but it seems that more is necessary – as everyone is affected. Why not follow the advice that comes from the 2018 Garden Trends Report from the US Garden Media Group?

Fun and Games star
Container Gardening Games and Quizes

Gardening by the Moon? star
Gardening by the moon? What on earth does that mean? Must I garden only at night? This was an honest question someone once asked me and while it seems silly it isn’t. Only this ‘Gardening by the Moon’ means something else entirely. Do you know which moon phase is best for which garden action?

Gardening Supplies star
Container gardening can be done on a shoestring, but for many gardeners, using good tools and other helpful products is all part of the fun.

Green Thumb Gardening! star
"Prove that Black Thumb Gardening does or does not exist!" This is the school project given to Tammy in Grade 8. She has to prove it by growing or not growing two starter containers, one pretty with flowers and the other edible. Why not join her, try the tub recipes described then visit the forum?

Hortiplex Gardenweb star[offsite link]
Search the web for your plant by common or botanical name. Members’ log available. 50,000 plant names; 15,000 images on file to reference common and obscure plants and accurately identify. Over 1,600 vendor links included.

Kids in the Garden star
Get your children into the garden and with your containers early and set them up for a lifetime of pleasure, good eating, sensible lifestyles and some very valuable life lessons that become natural extensions of their characters rather than stressful additions learnt grudgingly. Go green early!

Q&A on Moon Gardening star
Gardening by the Moon is becoming more popular as we discover and research more of what our ancestors did when planning crops and gardens and right times for right actions to harvest the right results. Read o to ge some answers to oft'asked questions.

Smile with CLEVVA Containers star
Oh how I have longed for a new gardening product to come into the shops - one that can be useful, innovative, adaptable and a good buy for the budget. Guess what? I think I have found one. It is called the CLevva Container™ and it would be a foolish notion to ignore this amazing invention!

Smile with SLENDERBERRIES star
Well now - a weight-loss berry bush that grows easily most zones (it adapts to its environment); does very well in containers, is water wise though not a friendly shrub (likes its own pot, doesn’t want to share) and found in the desert regions of South Africa. Lots more to tell, please read on…

Trends for Container Gardening star
Are Gardeners trend setters and why? It seems the more things change the more they stay the same … so how are our LIFESTYLE and SPIRITUAL demands currently affecting our choices when it comes to our private garden spaces? Have things really changed or is it because we are becoming more discerning?

USDA Interactive Plant Hardiness Zone Map star[offsite link]
Interactive Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Canada, The United States, and Mexico. An excellent resource for finding your hardiness zone for planning your garden.

Why Did You Start Gardening? star
Why did you start gardening? What lifestyle influences were there that made your interest in plants and flowers and pots become a reality? Life is a casserole influences, and while it is difficult to choose just one or two, perhaps you can remember something about what made you fall in love!

Why Subscribe to the Newsletter star
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