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9th Company : Roots of Terror star
A somewhat unusual tactical game, "9th Company" places the player in command of a somewhat unusual protagonist - the Soviet army during the invasion of Afghanistan.

Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings star
Most games are hot when they release and then quickly become old and dated. Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings stands the test of time. This is a game that is fun even years after its release.

Age of Empires III Review star
I've been waiting for Age of Empires III ever single I finally finished exhausting all of the fun from Age of Empires II. I really think it was well worth the wait.

Age of Mythology a Must Have star
Age of Empires 1 and 2 were incredible games with great graphics and gameplay. Age of Mythology takes that engine, beefs up the graphics again and adds in populus-like god power!

Arma 2 Combined Operations Review star
A super-realistic modern shooter, ARMA 2 has a bit of a learning curve, but can provide satisfying, in-depth tactical experiences.

Battlefield 1942 star
Gorgeous graphics, up to 64 simultaneous players, and use of airplanes, tanks, and ground troops make this a WW2 game that is unparalleled on any platform.

Chivalry : Medieval Warfare star
A deathmatch-style hack-and-slash game, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare brings a Call-of-Duty style experience to the middle ages.

Civilization IV star
The fourth entry in Sid Meier's globe-and-history-spanning empire-building simulation game, Civilization IV is the latest refinement of the Civilization formula. Rather than introducing a lot of new features, Civilization IV tends to stick with the tried-and-true aspects of the series.

Command & Conquer : Generals star
I´m a huge fan of the Command and Conquer series, so buying Generals didn´t require any thought. We were rewarded with great graphics and amazing multiplayer gameplay.

Command and Conquer Renagade star
Command and Conquer is a series that has a HUGE following amongst strategy gamers. Command and Conquer: Renegade is their entry into the first person shooter arena.

Command and Conquer the First Decade star
The Command and Conquer series is just incredible. Some of the first walkthroughs I wrote were for the original Command and Conquer series.

Company of Heroes star
Company of Heroes is a squad based World War II real time strategy game. Instead of commanding individual soldiers, you command squads.

Crusader Kings 2 - PC star
A highly detailed medieval strategy game, "Crusader Kings 2" allows players to take the role of a noble in the medieval world and climb the ladder of success by any means necessary.

Darkest of Days star
A first-person shooter that uses Time Travel as its main gimmick, Darkest of Days is a solid game with a lot of potential that never quite gets around to really exploring it.

Dawn of War 2 : Chaos Rising star
Set in the grim future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, "Chaos Rising" is a standalone expansion to "Dawn of War 2" that introduces some new units, new maps, and a new campaign mode.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Walkthrough star
Need help with Dungeon Keeper 2? Here is the complete walkthrough of every level.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Worth the Wait star
For those of us who eagerly bought Dungeon Keeper when it was first released, the world of DK is both rich and addictive. Even as recently as last week, my son and I spent the weekend replaying levels in Dungeon Keeper, building our dungeons, trainin

Dungeons - PC Game Review star
A spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper series, "Dungeons" gives a good attempt but misses out on a lot of the things that made DK great.

Emperor - Battle for Dune star
Emperor: Battle for Dune brings classic Westwood strategy to the world of Dune, by Frank Herbert.

Emperor : Rise of the Middle Kingdom star
In the tradition of Caesar, Pharoh and other city-building strategy games, we finally have one set in one of the largest kingdoms the world has seen - China!

Empire Earth star
Designed along the lines of Age of Empires, with some of the same programmers, Empire Earth stretches from prehistory into the far future.

Empire Earth II The Art of Supremacy Expansion star
In Empire Earth II The Art of Supremacy Expansion, you get to choose from a wide variety of ethnic groups as well as time ranges - to try to build your culture's influence and power.

Empires Dawn of the Modern World star
Are you into strategy games? Enter our forum trivia quiz, to win a copy of the fun computer game - Empires - Dawn of the Modern World from Rick Goodman!

Europa Universalis Rome star
A historical country-management game set in the Ancient era, EU: Rome seems interesting and in-depth at first glance but falls short in terms of production and design.

Galactic Civilizations star
Galactic Civilizations is a turn-based game in which your aim is to dominate a galaxy of planets. You can only play a human, facing against other races of characters of various alignments and with varying cultural missions.

Grand Ages : Rome star
A Roman city-building sim in the vein of such classics as the Caesar series, Grand Ages: Rome has an intriguing premise and workable gameplay, but falls short in other areas.

Hearts of Iron 3 - PC star
An incredibly detailed World War 2 strategy game, "Hearts of Iron 3" will scare away all but the most dedicated wargamers.

Homeworld 2 - 3D Space Combat star
Strategy gamers and space fans rejoice! Homeworld 2 is out and the graphics, gameplay and multi-player options are simply amazing!

Immortal Cities - Children of the Nile star
In the style of the many city-building games that came before it, Children of the Nile lets you create homes, shops and estates in classic Egypt.

Jagged Alliance 2 Gold star
A turn-based strategy game similar to X-Com or other games of that sort, "Jagged Alliance 2 Gold" (re-released 2004) puts the player in control of a band of mercenaries to liberate an island nation from its oppressive queen.

Joint Task Force star
Joint Task Force lets you control tanks, infantry, harriers in more in a variety of battlefield situations.

July Site of the Month : star
WarCraft is a GREAT game. The series is one of my favorites. And this site is an enormous help for any WarCraft lovers!

King Arthur The Role-Playing Wargame star
A fairly simple real-time-tactics game, "King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame" uses a model established by the Total War series and combines it with some weak attempts at fantasy.

Kohan II : Kings of War star
Kohan II is a Real Time Strategy with a wide selection of units and races and some fairly interesting gameplay mechanics. Though in many ways it seems a mishmash of other RTS games, it has a couple twists to it that make it more of its own game

Lead and Gold : Gangs of the Wild West star
An inoffensive third-person shooter, "Lead and Gold" takes some good fundamentals but doesn't really go anywhere with them.

Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth star
In Battle for Middle Earth, you can play the forces of light or darkness. Either you´re the fellowship, struggling to destroy the ring, or you are Mordor, hoping to conquer all.

Majesty 2 - PC star
The sequel to Cyberlore's original "Majesty", released in 2000, "Majesty 2" is a Fantasy Kingdom Simulator by a completely different studio that attempts to uphold the standard established by its predecessor. In some ways, it succeeded; in other ways, it could not.

Majesty Gold Edition star
Cyberlore's "Fantasy Kingdom Sim", Majesty, has been rereleased with the online downloading service "GamersGate". With this new breath of life for this old game, it seems appropriate to review the game for a new crowd of players.

Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms Expansion star
"Kingdoms" is a four-campaign expansion pack for Medieval 2. Adding content related to the Americas, the British Isles, Eastern Europe, and the Crusades, M2: Kingdoms adds some life to a potentially stagnating game.

Medieval II - Total War star
Medieval II Total War allows you to fight throughout the European world during Roman Empire / Venice / young England times. You get a wide variety of troop types, weapons and armor suited to the medieval years.

Men of War : Vietnam - PC star
A spinoff of the WW2 tactics game "Men of War", "Men of War: Vietnam" naturally takes the gameplay established in MoW and brings it to the jungles of the Vietnam War.

Mount & Blade Warband star
A redesign of the original "Mount&Blade", "Warband" includes graphical and gameplay overhauls to attract a new audience to a good, but troubled, product. Combining intense medieval combat with politics, economics, and courtship, "Warband" provides a full spectrum of possibilities for gamers.

Napoleonic Wars - PC Game Review star
"Napoleonic Wars" is an officially-backed mod for Mount & Blade Warband delivering 19th-century combat in the engine of the well-known medieval game. It costs $10 on Steam and requires "Mount & Blade: Warband" to play.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - PC star
A more action-oriented take on the classic Rainbow Six series, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a decent game in its own right, but will be a disappointment to fans of the classic series.

Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad star
A sequel to the innovative WW2 first-person shooter, Red Orchestra 2 continues a legacy of realistic combat action.

Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 star
"Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45" is an "accessibly realistic" World War 2 game centered around the Eastern Front between Germany and the USSR.

Reign : Conflict of Nations star
A large-scale strategy game akin to the Total War series or Paradox Interactive's games, "Reign: Conflict of Nations" presents some beautiful design but is ultimately lacking in both substance and playability.

Rise of Nations star
The latest release in the Age of Empires line is Rise of Nations, also created by Microsoft. The graphics are better, there are more units, and there's a bit of Civilization and Pharoh thrown in.

Rise of Nations - Rise of Legends star
In Rise of Legends, you play through strategy fights in a world full of robots, magic and guns. It's an odd mix of Renaissance Europe with mech warriors.

Semper Fidelis - Marine Corps star
Semper Fidelis - Marine Corps is in essence Soldner 2. They avoided the name Soldner for this release because Soldner (the original) did so poorly. It's a great concept - but poor implementation.

Shadowrun Returns - PC Game Review star
A revival of a classic cyberpunk-fantasy tabletop franchise, 'Shadowrun Returns' is a tactical RPG coupled with an extensive module-creator for players to make their own stories.

Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai star
The second downloadable content pack for "Total War: SHOGUN 2", Fall of the Samurai deals, naturally, with the end of the samurai era and the beginnings of modern Japan.

Shogun 2 : Total War star
The sequel to "Shogun: Total War" (released in 2000), Shogun 2 uses immersive graphics and solid gameplay to create a distinct advancement to the Total War series.

Silent Hunter 5 star
A hardcore submarine simulator with strict attention to realism, "Silent Hunter 5" presents a treat for dedicated historians and submarine fans, but an experience that may be overwhelming to most gamers.

Sins of a Solar Empire star
A real time strategy developed by Stardock Studios, the makers of Galactic Civilizations, "Sins of a Solar Empire" combines the space warfare of Homeworld and the development and management of Civilizations without really committing to either.

Spore star
Spore is an innovative game from the creator of the Sims, which lets you take a creature right from the one-celled amoeba type stage all the way through space flight. It has great potential, but also can be very frustrating.

StarCraft Strategy Game star
StarCraft stands the test of time as a strategy game extraordinaire. It is not just the trio of the zerg, protoss, and terran with their well balanced arsenals. It is the whole plot and atmosphere which shine.

Stormrise - PC Game Review star
Designed to be an RTS that was accessible for console audiences, Stormrise overall presents one of the most frustrating and irritating command interfaces adapted for any strategy game.

Stronghold 2 Review star
I´m a huge fan of strategy games and of empire-building games. Stronghold 2 does a really good job of balancing the aspects of gameplay and warfare.

Stronghold 3 - PC star
The successor to the famed castle-building series, "Stronghold 3" modernizes the graphics of the first game and...not much else.

SuperPower - Take Over the World star
SuperPower is an intriguing game in which you can play ANY country and try to do your best militarily, politically or economically.

Supreme Commander 2 star
"Supreme Commander 2" largely eschews the ground-breaking concepts of scale found in its predecessor, and ends up being a fairly standard RTS game.

The Settlers 7 : Paths to a Kingdom star
The latest game in the "Settlers" series seems, on the surface, similar to its more recent predecessors. However, large and small changes in the game have taken a lot of charm and fun out of this particular franchise.

The Settlers : Rise of an Empire star
The 6th Settlers game is a city-building sim similar to "Dawn of Discovery" or any of the Anno games. Its cutesy style, along with a fairly simple layout, makes it probably the most user-friendly game in the Settlers series, something that may not appeal to long-term fans.

Tom Clancy's EndWar - PC star
Based more on games like Ground Control or World in Conflict than Tom Clancy's previous games, "EndWar" is a real-time-tactics game taking place in World War III.

Total War: Shogun 2 Rise of the Samurai DLC star
A downloadable pack for Total War: Shogun 2, Rise of the Samurai moves Shogun 2's gameplay from the Muromachi period (1500s) to the Heian period (1100s), with appropriate changes in art, units, and strategies.

Tropico 3 - PC star
Tropico 3 is a city management simulator with a twist - the "city" in question is a volatile Banana Republic island, and the player takes the role of a newly-elected "El Presidente".

Tropico 4 - PC Game Review star
A city-sim of sorts where you run your own island republic, "Tropico 4" unfortunately takes far too much from its predecessor and ends up feeling more like an expansion than a new game.

WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos star
We´ve been waiting for this release for years. WarCraft I was one of the best games of its time. How does WarCraft III compare?

Wargame European Escalation - PC star
Wargame: European Escalation is a relatively solid real-time-tactics game with some minor issues.

Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War 2 : Retribution star
The second expansion to "Dawn of War 2", Retribution offers a new faction and a new campaign. It's more of the same, but that's hardly a bad thing.

Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War II star
A departure from the first Dawn of War, Dawn of War II establishes itself as more of a tactical strategy/role-playing game in contrast to the original's more conventional gameplay. However, it retains the thematic elements of the Warhammer 40,000 series, and adds a lot of good things.

Warhammer Mark of Chaos star
While Games Workshop's "Warhammer 40k" has seen successful transitions to video games in the form of games like Dawn of War, "Warhammer Fantasy" has had less luck. Case in point: "Mark of Chaos", a real-time-tactics game that attempts to emulate the tabletop wargame with limited success.

Warhammer Mark of Chaos star
Warhammer - Mark of Chaos involves thousands of soldiers in a fantasy world clashing against each other. Elves, Goblins, Skaven and Humans battle it out for supremacy of the known world.

Wings of Prey - PC star
A historical World War 2 flight sim, "Wings of Prey" tries to appeal to both casual and hardcore players by including both "arcade" and "simulator" elements.

World in Conflict Review star
Detailing an alternate reality where the Soviet Union chose to go out with a bang at the end of the Cold War (1989) by invading Europe and the United States, World in Conflict is a chilling look into the world that could have been.

X-COM UFO Defense star
A classic alien versus Earth strategy game.

X-COM: UFO Defense star
A classic alien versus Earth strategy game.

XCOM Apocalypse star
XCOM Apocalypse is the third game in this killer trilogy.

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