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Tetris is the classic puzzle game, but many have followed in its footsteps.

Aura - Myst Like Adventure Game star
In Aura, it´s hard to avoid the comparisons with Myst. Parallel worlds for you to explore. Puzzles that range from imaginative to tedious. Clicking around, searching for clues.

Chess Titans star
Chess is often looked on as the ultimate game of logic and intelligence. Formalized into its current state in the 1400s, it has a much longer history. Windows Vista and Chess Titans let you learn how to play for free!

Comfy Cakes - Purble Place star
Comfy cakes is a cool logic game that has you assembling cakes of certain shapes and sizes. You have to move the cakes along in a proper order so that you can put the right frosting, topping and decorations on them. It's good to start slow on this game!

Computer Based Jigsaw Puzzles star
Jigsaw puzzles are great - but they take up a ton of table space! Here are fun jigsaw puzzles you can do from the comfort of your computer or laptop. Best of all, they´re free!

Da Vinci Code Game Preview star
At E3, one of the games I was very interested in was the Da Vinci Code game. I've been researching this book for years and am quite curious how the game will play out.

Death on the Nile star
Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile for the PC is sort of a combination of Where's Waldo with a few mini-games and memory tests. The Death on the Nile aspect is more an environment for the puzzles than a re-creation of the novel.

EasyBits Go Skype Games star
EasyBits Go offers both Skype games and standalone games for free for you to enjoy. Are they worth downloading?

Freecell Card Game star
Freecell - which comes free with Windows - lets you play a fun solitaire card game on your system. A nice way to pass some time and sharpen your brain!

From Dust - Game Review star
A fairly innovative puzzle game from Ubisoft, "From Dust" has the player solving problems using the raw elements of nature itself.

Mah Jong Medley star
One of the free games that came with my HP / Windows 7 system was Mah Jong Medley. This game provides four different styles of tile fun, with a variety of layouts and tile sets as well.

Mahjongg Titans Solitaire star
Mahjongg Titans is a solitaire game which comes free with Windows Vista. In this classic Chinese tile game, you remove matching tiles two at a time only if they can slide left or right freely, with nothing on top of them.

Minesweeper star
Minesweeper is a classic Windows game that is amazing in its simplicity and its ability to build up logic skills. Any age can play - and all ages can find it quite challenging!

Myst 3 Exile star
Gorgeous graphics and well tuned gameplay. This has got to be my favorite Myst yet!

Myst Classic Puzzle Game star
Myst was the puzzle game that began the breakthrough in great graphics. Many players bought this to show off its amazing graphics to their friends.

Myst IV Revelation star
The latest Myst game is out. With Myst IV Revelation, you have TWO DVDs full of gaming information. This takes up 8 GIG on your hard drive. It is massive.

Myst Masterpiece Edition star
Myst was a classic puzzle game that enthralled millions. Myst Masterpiece Edition adds on better sound and a hint system.

Nancy Drew Danger by Design star
Bonjour! Welcome to Nancy Drew: Danger by Design, the 14th game in the acclaimed Nancy Drew computer game series.

Portal Review star
One of the three titles in Valve´s "Orange Box", Portal is an intriguing new puzzle game that mixes a mastery of physics only possible with today´s technology with a bizarre, biting sense of humor. The game heralds what looks like a new era of innovation in gaming.

Purble Pairs - Purble Place star
Purble Pairs is part of the Purble Place games that come for free with Windows Vista. With Purble Pairs you are testing your memory skills in the classic tile-turning game of Memory, but with a twist.

Purble Shop - Purble Place star
In Purble Shop, you are playing a game of Mastermind, brought into the modern world. You have to "dress" a Purble in their favorite outfit. You make guesses about what they want to wear, and are given clues if you are close or not.

RealMyst a good update star
RealMyst is a good update to the classic puzzle game - it brings a 3D wandering ability to the previously static world.

Riven - Sequel to Myst star
I was a huge fan of Myst. How did the sequel compare with the original? While the graphics were slightly better, the puzzles suffered.

Syberia star
Syberia is a puzzle-adventure where a young female lawyer figures out different mechanical puzzles to get through gorgeously detailed worlds.

Syberia 2 - Puzzle Solving in Snow star
Syberia 2 is out. For those who didn´t play Syberia, it involves an intrepid young woman who goes around solving puzzles that seem to crop up along every stage of her journey through frozen tundra.

The Messenger star
With a budget price and a long, involved puzzle-solving storyline, The Messenger is perfect for mystery gamers who enjoy a bit of history, too.

Tim Larkin and the Music behind Myst - Uru star
Tim Larkin won awards for his gorgeous sound design for the computer game Uru, the third in the Myst series of games. Here´s an intereview with Tim Larkin!

Windows 7 and Built In Games star
When Windows Vista came on the market, it brought with it free, built in AWESOME games that many non-Vista users actively wanted to get their hands on. Does Windows 7 provided this same level of fun gameplay?

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