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Afghan City Shuts Down Video Game Stores star
Claiming that video games are "immoral", over 300 video game stores in Afghanistan was shut down by police. They said the games went against Islam morality.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us star
In a strange twist of fate, these mistranslated words from a 1989 arcade game are now showing up on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and even plastered on cows.

Cheating in Video Games star
According to a study done by PopCap Social Gaming Research, people who cheat on video games are three times more likely to cheat or steal in other areas of life. They also cheat on tests and on romantic partners.

Comparing the XBox, PS2 and GameCube star
If you're looking to buy a console, it can be confusing how they compare. Which one is better? It turns out they're each good in a certain area.

Computer Gaming Shop star
Looking for a present for your computer-game-loving family and friends? Here are some great ideas for you to look through!

Connecting XP to Windows Vista star
If you´re a gamer upgrading your system, you´re going to need to move save files and data from your old system to your new one. Here´s how to get them talking.

FREE DOWNLOAD of Grand Theft Auto star
See where it all began! Rockstar is making available a FREE download of their classic game Grand Theft Auto. Be warned - it´s 336mb!!

GameTap Online Game Rental star
GameTap is an online gaming service provided by TBS with a huge range of games available for only $60 a year. That fee gets you unlimited access to over 1000 games of many different varieties.

Gaming Industry in a Recession star
The year 2009 was a recession year for many, presenting great challenges in getting funding to do projects. How did the gaming industry, with its million-dollar budgets, handle this? An interview at BlueFang found some answers.

Getting a Job in the Gaming Industry star
It's the heartfelt dream of many gamers - getting a job working in the gaming industry. Especially during tough economic times, this goal can become a beacon. How do you go about achieving your dreams?

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Sex star
Anyone who has seen Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas knows it´s for adults. It involves gang members who hit each other with baseball bats and shoot each other. Still, legislators are in an uproar.

Half-Life 2 Theft and News star
Half-Life 2 is one of the most highly awaited games in 2004 for the PC. The theft of source code from creator Valve alarmed many fans who eagerly await the release.

Online Gamer Reimbursed for Virtual Theft star
A gamer in China spent over $1,000 in 2 years to pay for his online gaming fun, building up a collection of virtual items in the process. When a hacker stole his account and his stuff, the gamer sued and won.

Optimizing your PC for Computer Games star
With just a few simple steps, your computer could run MUCH more quickly - and play your favorite games with much more ease. You might be able to kick the graphics level up a notch or two!

PC Gamer star
PC Gamer - having absorbed rival PC Games back in 1999 - is one of the only magazines left focusing on the PC gaming world. The monthly issue covers RPGs, MMORPGs, strategy games, hardware, accessories, and more.

Recommended Websites star
These are the Sites of the Month that I found quite interesting on the topic of computer gaming.

Scorpia : A Pioneer in Computer Gaming star
The first game reviewer I followed was Scorpia, back in the days of GEnie and CompuServe. She was great, her walkthroughs were wonderful, and she was female.

Study shows Video Gamers have Sharp Minds star
A research study published in Nature recently showed how video gamers have sharper minds than those who do not play video games.

Tips for Dealing with Gaming Frustration star
We've all been there. We're playing a game and we get SO frustrated because the controls are slow, the boss is too hard, we just can't get past the level. Here are tips to get in the zone and WIN!

Valentine's Day for Gamers star
You´re a computer gaming fanatic. And Valentine´s Day is coming. Here are some ideas to show your sweetheart that you love them - in your own gaming way!

Vice City coming to PC - May 13 2003 star
Finally! Rockstar has announced that they´re bringing the PC version of Vice City out on May 13, 2003. The Europeans have to wait until May 16th.

Walkthrough Index star
Walkthroughs to Final Fantasy X, Vice City, Morrowind, NeverWinter Nights, Super Mario Sunshine, and much more!

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