Spa Dreams - a New Year`s Gift

Spa Dreams - a New Year`s Gift
Dreams aren’t based in reality, right?

“Build it and they will come” was a movie fantasy and Wayne Dwyer’s current PBS series on “The Power of Intention” is, well, intended for others. Or so I believed.

Then, when my six-year-old niece and I were embroiled in a game of dress-up, I realized how limiting my thoughts had become. There she was, dreaming about a career as a deep-sea diver and microbiologist (she could even spell its six syllables), and as she adorned us with make-believe lichen and jellies, I actually began to see what was possible.

Intention Every Day
So it was that I decided to dream a little myself. Or more specifically, to exercise the power of intention – a dream with conscious focus – to change the way I looked and felt. If I wanted to see my niece become that marine-biologist, I needed my health for some time to come. That meant losing 120 pounds, integrating healthy eating habits, and adopting a user-friendly exercise regimen that I would sustain.

Spa Start
To kick-start my intention into reality, I took myself out of the daily routine with a weekend away at a spa retreat. It was a rare delight to allow myself to be the focus of pampered attention. But more than that, it was a fast-track to giving me the tools I needed to make my dream come true. Fitness, nutrition and lifestyle counselors gave me the encouragement I needed, and the treatments and services sure made me FEEL GOOD about the whole process.

My spa weekend also provided me with a new perspective on the much-touted mind-body-soul connection. It wasn’t so much what the spa staff did, as what the spa environment created with its aromatic air, soothing music, and soft lighting. The combination exuded such tranquility that it seeped into my pores until slowly, my mind succumbed to stillness. Drained of stress, and quietly energized with an array of head to tow massages, I felt open to all manner of possibility. It was a euphoric state of total relaxation which provided space to ‘connect’ with my body, mind and soul in a new way. I had never listened to that potential before, but there I was, dreaming of a ‘new me’.

Startling Results
Within 8 months, I was more than half way to attaining my goal weight with motivation fueled by reality. For exercise, I stillwalk for at least half an hour twice a day. The pace is now quite vigorous as compared to when I started and it has become a passion as much for the times I stride out with friends, as for the solitary, more contemplative walks. And I’m learning to eat differently. I knew I wouldn’t stick to anything extreme, so with some nutritional advice and the courage to try new recipes, my main focus is on weighting portions to reflect more fresh produce, quality protein, and less starch and carbs.

The bigger surprise is how I feel about spaaing because today, it has become an integral part of my healthier lifestyle. My monthly spa weekends have become real motivators to encourage me to look, feel and be as good as possible. The services, treatments and entire experience help my body to feel loved, my mind to feel peace and my soul to enjoy the time and space simply to be. Besides, my niece recently gave me a snorkeling set for my birthday in preparation for our first dive together!

Tips to help dreams come true

Create your intention – a conscious choice or decision about what you want. Say it out loud and even write it down to make the intention even clearer and stronger.
Pay attention to your intention. When your focus is clear and present, your actions will – even subconsciously – start to support making your dream a reality. Notice the people and support your focus starts to attract, and you’ll see that your desired results are becoming very obtainable.

Respect the power of words. Avoid negative self-talk such as “I can’t do that”, or “I’m not good at this” for they can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Also, incorporate affirmative words into everyday phrases.

The power of manifestation comes from clarity so take time to reflect, feel and imagine exactly how success might feel. Then celebrate the magic.

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