My views on abortion

My views on abortion
I understand the other side and their cause, and am very well versed in it, as they like to remind me. Some would even say I blur the lines frequently, because I am in support of studies and care for those emotionally affected by abortion, and anti coercion laws, usually created by anti choice supporters.

It blows some people’s minds that you can hold two opposing views at one time.

I will just state for the record, I am 100% Pro Choice. My views and the mix they are, come from my life experiences. Life experiences no one can take from me, devalue, change, or make their own.

This week is the anniversary of my abortion. I was forced/coerced by my mother to terminate my young teen pregnancy, the week of Mother’s Day. I wanted to have my baby.

While I may not have wanted an abortion personally, I believe each woman should have the right to make her own decision. I firmly believe that above any argument is the realization that abortion will occur, whether it is legal or not. It is not negotiable that it be safe.

The abortion was the most devastating point in life. My mother took many things away from me that day, most importantly, my choice.

I support more research on the mental effects of abortion, especially in the instance of coercion, as well as recognition of Post Abortion Syndrome and appropriate treatment for the women who DO suffer from it. I suffer from it to this day. It is very real, and I’m tired of both sides using it as a political argument.

I support anti coercion laws, that aren’t masked to be anti abortion laws, although I admit it is difficult to create them without them supporting anti abortion.

I am against the use of ultrasounds before abortion. I believe that if you have made the decision to abort, there is no reason to have one. I think the use of ultrasounds is to coerce the pregnant woman to keep her baby. I also think it makes the effects of post abortion syndrome, dramatically worse.

I am also against parental involvement in the decision to abort. It leaves too many loopholes that can be used to coerce a teenager’s decision. As long as abortion is safe and legal, and it is the teen’s choice, there should be no interference.

I didn’t choose to have my abortion, but I support all of those who do. Life and its ups and downs are not all black and white.

You cannot know what you would do in a position you have never been in.

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