Debt Ceiling Debate Resolution

Debt Ceiling Debate Resolution
So we have finally arrived at a resolution to the debt ceiling debate…well, sort of. Not everyone is truly happy with the end result but what I find interesting about all of this, is that it really took the focus off this country’s real problems.

I think it’s almost deceptive because while we were concerned for the last couple of weeks about this whole fiasco, it downplayed our lagging economy and the lack of jobs. Now we are supposed to breathe this huge sigh of relief and thank our government for their last minute save. Yeah, right…

In the end, it came to a $2.1 trillion in spending cuts by Thanksgiving and to offset that, the raising of the debt ceiling by at least $2.1 trillion through 2013. Both sides compromised and now no one is truly happy.

No matter what you think of the end result, the government was divided and it may have been the only answer. What’s done is done. We can’t rehash it. But what we can do is use this to influence our voting in the next election.

It almost comes down to whether or not you want less government spending. But the status of our economy and job situation will also play a significant role. Things are not looking too good for Obama.

In fact he has been made to look weak yet again, caving in. And if the economy doesn’t improve, things aren’t looking too good as far as him being a 2nd term president. It seems pretty unlikely that in the next few months the economy will be able to suddenly rebound. Whatever happened to hope and change? Well, we definitely have change!

So in the end, the Democrats didn’t get to raise taxes and the Republicans didn’t get to see drastic cuts in spending. But the ones who are really in the spotlight now is the Tea Party. In fact, liberals are now attacking them with venom.

In numerous media and news outlets they have been referred to as terrorists, suicide bombers, Wahhabi’s (Islamic terrorists), Hezbollah and so on. Vice President Biden even said they were acting like terrorists.

Clearly the left is upset and believes that the Tea Party not only wanted the country to be brought down but wanted to see the economy blow up. While many on the left think it’s not PC to refer to REAL terrorists as such, they sure have no problem labeling a party that only wants to see this country be fiscally responsible.

From racism to terrorism…the smear campaign continues. There has really been only one bright light to this whole debt ceiling fiasco…Gabrielle Giffords showing up to cast her vote.

So in the end I’m left with a resolution that is nothing to get excited about. Now I’m just holding on until our next election.

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